Bike Miami Days Returns! Sunday, July 24th 10am-8pm in Brickell

     Presented by and City of Miami Benefitting Bike Miami Days

Come and Enjoy Progressive  Food Tastings at Participating
Brickell Area Restaurants
Live Entertainment
Sing Happy Birthday to Miami!

Official Birthday Celebration

Presented jointly by the City of Miami and since 2010, Happy Birthday Miami is an annual celebration honoring our history. This is a tradition that we can all be proud of, a joyous occasion with 100% of proceeds benefitting local programming.

This year our goal is to fund Bike Miami Days 2012 featuring a monthly Bike Miami Day from January – April 2012.

A little secret within Miami culture, ‘Bike Miami Days’ is hard to put into words. This temporary park/street party/cultural neighborhood flash gathering has taken over streets for a few hours on Flagler, in Brickell and in Coconut Grove 10 times since 2008. Each one is a little different, but you can get a taste of what Bike Miami Days is about:

For more information on the event and participating venues, and partners please go to

RESCHEDULED: BMD moved to July

Mother’s Day ‘Bike Miami’ event has been rescheduled to Sunday, July 3rd.

We regret the inconvenience.

Mary Brickell’s special ‘Bike Miami Mother’s Day’ event has been rescheduled for Sunday, July 3rd.

What happened?
This ‘Bike Miami’ was planned as a much smaller event, a sort of flash mob of ‘tactical urbanism’. Local businesses and volunteer organizers embrace the fact that this event has never been simply about bicycling but with the leadership of the NET office, Commissioner Sarnoff’s Office and …local businesses like Mary Brickell Village and the legendary Dolores but you can call me Lolita – who are not going to settle for such a small-scale or short event – organizers have agreed to reschedule.

A new date promises more space for those who ride, more hours for those who have other Sunday obligations and more sponsors so that our budget can go beyond police officers, cones and barricades.

A different idea, it may even have a new name. Look for updates from our partners soon – Emerge Miami, the Open Streets Team, the Miami DDA, the Downtown Miami NET Office, Commissioner Sarnoff, the Bike Coalition and many others.

Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day.

Bike Miami Days On Video

A little secret within Miami culture, ‘Bike Miami Days’ is hard to put into words. This temporary park/street party/cultural neighborhood flash gathering has taken over streets for a few hours on Flagler, in Brickell and in Coconut Grove 10 times since 2008. Each one is a little different, but you can get a taste of what Bike Miami Days is about: made a video diary from the very first time Miamians pulled this off ~ while the Sunday, May 8th will probably have more walking, skating and just dancing in the streets, this is the inspiration behind what we do.  Check it out!  

  Also, see photos from previous ‘bmds’ on the right of this page ->

Your Top 3 Questions Answered: Bike Miami Days

Questions about Miami’s biggest free & family-friendly street festival is this Sunday in Downtown Miami? Streets will be closed to cars from 10am until 2pm. Everyone is welcome!

  1. Is it a race? No! There is no beginning or end point. Come early and stay all day!
  2. Is it just for bicycling? No way! You’ll see people walking around or jogging, kids playing in the streets, couples dancing…. You might bring a lawn chair and soak up the Sunday morning in your city, bring a guitar and play for passers by, meet up with friends and play some impromptu roller hockey on a side street. 
  3. Is it all really FREE? Fresh Market, Bike Rentals and more – yes, it’s all free! The only thing you might need to pay for is car parking, so Mary Brickell Village is offering discounted All Day Parking in their Garage on SW 9th Street.

Thank you for your questions and ideas! Got more? Please contact us here! touts Miami’s Community Cyclovia

Bike Miami Days is featured on the Livable Streets Network this week in an article entitled, “Florida’s Ciclovias and Potential for Transformation of the Right-of-Way “. Read the entire article and learn more about the Livable Streets Initiative HERE.

 Bike Miami Days has received national attention and has been held more than five times since its inception in November 2008.  As with Bogota, Miami’s event was the mayor’s idea and is coordinated through Mayor Manny Diaz’s Office.  On designated [Sundays], crowds of cyclists and pedestrians flood the streets of downtown Miami…  Music, food, and basic bicycle mechanic lessons are available for all participants.  The event itself is free, provides a forum for community interaction, gets people outside and exercising, and provides much needed visitation and an economic boost for local businesses on what might otherwise be a quiet day downtown.

What Does Community Mean to You?

bike-miami-2008-86-flagler-shotbike-miami-2008-255-with-sanchez031409_bike_miami-30144-edited-group-shotbike-miami-2008-262Bike Miami Days promotes a sense of COMMUNITY in our City by bringing people together to enjoy Miami’s people, music, neighborhoods, shops & restaurants, streets and parks. What does ‘community’ mean to you? Let us know! Join the comment stream below.

Thanks for all you do ~ See you on Sunday, May 8!

(ARCHIVES) Familes Riding Their Bicycle Together Through Downtown

Families come out for BMD 12-14-08BIKE MIAMI DAYS is proud to share another story about residents who came out to explore their city in a new way – contributed by our friend, Jennifer Lane, from ELEVATE Miami Familes Riding Their Bicycle Together Through Downtown

Two families rode their bicycles, side by side, down the middle of Flagler Street, high risers engulfing them and no cars near them. The families were celebrating Bike Miami Day on December 14, 2008.

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(ARCHIVES) Profile of Your Neighbors: Bike Miami Days Fans

couple-on-tandem-re-exposed-bmd-12-14-08Bike Miami Days wants to share your stories! Here is a profile of some of our friends. Many thanks to Jennifer Lane of ELEVATE Miami for contributing this great story and photos: A Tandem Riding Through Downtown.


A bicycle for two is called a tandem. Melanie Ashby and Wayne Phelps ride their tandem, together as a married couple, throughout the streets of southern Florida. They have been riding bicycles for 12 years and together on a tandem since 2005.

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(ARCHIVES) Bike Miami: Survey Results, with Photos

We had a survey after the first ‘Bike Miami’ and asked people what they loved most about Downtown streets suddenly becoming public park space, walking & bicycling trails, an eclectic gathering of over one thousand people from all over Miami – and here are  just a few of your favorite things:

  1. Exploring: “I didn’t know Mary Brickell Village existed”…”There is a rock garden in Downtown!” (it’s at Bayfront Park)… “The bridge!!”…”Being able to see downtown at our leisure.”
  2. Community: “Life in the streets”… . “The sense of community and the initiative to take Miami to a standard of urbanism you don’t usually see here”….”So many different people having fun”…”The excitement, enthusiasm”…”streets OPEN to me”…”helpful policemen, nice volunteers”…”friendly atmosphere”…”that it happened”
  3. Green is Good: “Small step towards awareness”…“Going green and saving the Earth while having a blast!!”…”Supporting Miami’s Bicycle Plans”…”getting out of my car for an entire afternoon with my family.”
  4. Bike Valet– overwhelmingly, you appreciated a safe, easy, free place to leave your ride. (Thanks, Green Mobility!)