Monthly Archives: November 2008

(ARCHIVES) Bike Miami: Survey Results, with Photos

We had a survey after the first ‘Bike Miami’ and asked people what they loved most about Downtown streets suddenly becoming public park space, walking & bicycling trails, an eclectic gathering of over one thousand people from all over Miami – and here are  just a few of your favorite things:

  1. Exploring: “I didn’t know Mary Brickell Village existed”…”There is a rock garden in Downtown!” (it’s at Bayfront Park)… “The bridge!!”…”Being able to see downtown at our leisure.”
  2. Community: “Life in the streets”… . “The sense of community and the initiative to take Miami to a standard of urbanism you don’t usually see here”….”So many different people having fun”…”The excitement, enthusiasm”…”streets OPEN to me”…”helpful policemen, nice volunteers”…”friendly atmosphere”…”that it happened”
  3. Green is Good: “Small step towards awareness”…“Going green and saving the Earth while having a blast!!”…”Supporting Miami’s Bicycle Plans”…”getting out of my car for an entire afternoon with my family.”
  4. Bike Valet– overwhelmingly, you appreciated a safe, easy, free place to leave your ride. (Thanks, Green Mobility!)