(ARCHIVES) Familes Riding Their Bicycle Together Through Downtown

Families come out for BMD 12-14-08BIKE MIAMI DAYS is proud to share another story about residents who came out to explore their city in a new way – contributed by our friend, Jennifer Lane, from ELEVATE Miami Familes Riding Their Bicycle Together Through Downtown

Two families rode their bicycles, side by side, down the middle of Flagler Street, high risers engulfing them and no cars near them. The families were celebrating Bike Miami Day on December 14, 2008.

“The kids have this mental image of being surrounded by tall buildings, and not having to worry about cars. The kids will remember this,” Robert Beguiristain said as he stood next to his Kevin Beguiristain, his ten year old son. Both had their bicycles next to them.

Bike Miami Days is an event put on by Mayor Manny Diaz. With support from the City of Miami Police Department and the DDA, the Mayor closed streets in downtown Miami so people could freely walk, skate and ride bicycles throughout the city. The event is part of a Mayor’s Office initiative to make the City of Miami bike friendly – a place where residents safely ride their bicycles for both fun and as a way to get to work.

Beguiristain stands next to his friend Allen Cueli, who was also at Bike Miami Day with his two sons, Ethan and Ian Cueli. “The way Miami is set up with wide roads, just promotes people to drive fast,” Cueli said. He said that Miami doesn’t have enough bike lanes and places for people to walk. He will only allow his sons to ride in parks or in the neighborhood.

He thinks that events like Bike Miami Days will teach drivers to go slower around cyclists and make it safer for people and kids to ride their bicycles.

“I think Bike Miami is awesome. I hope they do this every week,” Cueli said. 


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