touts Miami’s Community Cyclovia

Bike Miami Days is featured on the Livable Streets Network this week in an article entitled, “Florida’s Ciclovias and Potential for Transformation of the Right-of-Way “. Read the entire article and learn more about the Livable Streets Initiative HERE.

 Bike Miami Days has received national attention and has been held more than five times since its inception in November 2008.  As with Bogota, Miami’s event was the mayor’s idea and is coordinated through Mayor Manny Diaz’s Office.  On designated [Sundays], crowds of cyclists and pedestrians flood the streets of downtown Miami…  Music, food, and basic bicycle mechanic lessons are available for all participants.  The event itself is free, provides a forum for community interaction, gets people outside and exercising, and provides much needed visitation and an economic boost for local businesses on what might otherwise be a quiet day downtown.


One response to “ touts Miami’s Community Cyclovia

  1. It’s really quite remarkable all the positive response my article has generated (see link above). It was, however, brought to my attention yesterday that it had a few inaccuracies regarding Bike Miami Days; sorry about that.

    You’d think a multi-generational south Floridian would know that City Hall is NOT in downtown, but alas. (I should really venture out of Palm Beach County more often.) Also, future events will be held on Sundays, not on Saturdays as they have been, and food vendors do not participate in Bike Miami Days, as they do at some other ciclovias.

    I would like to thank Kathryn Moore, Bike Miami Days coordinator, for all of her hard work to make the events shine, and for letting me know of the couple misstatements. Be well, and see you all on the 26th!

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