Your Top 3 Questions Answered: Bike Miami Days

Questions about Miami’s biggest free & family-friendly street festival is this Sunday in Downtown Miami? Streets will be closed to cars from 10am until 2pm. Everyone is welcome!

  1. Is it a race? No! There is no beginning or end point. Come early and stay all day!
  2. Is it just for bicycling? No way! You’ll see people walking around or jogging, kids playing in the streets, couples dancing…. You might bring a lawn chair and soak up the Sunday morning in your city, bring a guitar and play for passers by, meet up with friends and play some impromptu roller hockey on a side street. 
  3. Is it all really FREE? Fresh Market, Bike Rentals and more – yes, it’s all free! The only thing you might need to pay for is car parking, so Mary Brickell Village is offering discounted All Day Parking in their Garage on SW 9th Street.

Thank you for your questions and ideas! Got more? Please contact us here!


2 responses to “Your Top 3 Questions Answered: Bike Miami Days

  1. I saw some flyers going around at the last Critical Mass event for the upcoming Bike Miami Day. Could you e-mail me the flyer? I’d like to print some out and put them on bikes at FIU later this week.

  2. Yes! Email kmoore at for a whole slew of flyers!!
    Thank you!!
    -the Bike Miami Days Team (of which you are now officially a member)

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