Bike Miami Days On Video

A little secret within Miami culture, ‘Bike Miami Days’ is hard to put into words. This temporary park/street party/cultural neighborhood flash gathering has taken over streets for a few hours on Flagler, in Brickell and in Coconut Grove 10 times since 2008. Each one is a little different, but you can get a taste of what Bike Miami Days is about: made a video diary from the very first time Miamians pulled this off ~ while the Sunday, May 8th will probably have more walking, skating and just dancing in the streets, this is the inspiration behind what we do.  Check it out!  

  Also, see photos from previous ‘bmds’ on the right of this page ->


2 responses to “Bike Miami Days On Video

  1. Miami Bike Days is a great community event, bringing people together for a positive change. Events like this one make us proud to be part of the amazing culture that only exists in Miami!

  2. I really hope Miami gets this wonderful event again next year. I wish I could have attended. It looks like it was an incredibly fun event!

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