Bike Miami Days Returns! Sunday, July 24th 10am-8pm in Brickell

     Presented by and City of Miami Benefitting Bike Miami Days

Come and Enjoy Progressive  Food Tastings at Participating
Brickell Area Restaurants
Live Entertainment
Sing Happy Birthday to Miami!

Official Birthday Celebration

Presented jointly by the City of Miami and since 2010, Happy Birthday Miami is an annual celebration honoring our history. This is a tradition that we can all be proud of, a joyous occasion with 100% of proceeds benefitting local programming.

This year our goal is to fund Bike Miami Days 2012 featuring a monthly Bike Miami Day from January – April 2012.

A little secret within Miami culture, ‘Bike Miami Days’ is hard to put into words. This temporary park/street party/cultural neighborhood flash gathering has taken over streets for a few hours on Flagler, in Brickell and in Coconut Grove 10 times since 2008. Each one is a little different, but you can get a taste of what Bike Miami Days is about:

For more information on the event and participating venues, and partners please go to


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