A List of SOME of Our Friends & Supporters:

Downtown Development Authority The DDA promotes public and private investments to ensure the continuing growth and development of Downtown Miami. They are our #1 supporter and Bike Miami Days would not be Miami’s Largest Free Street Party without them!

Bayfront Park Thirty-two acres of waterfront public space, including the famous fountain, sandy beach, a rock garden, children’s playground, sculptures and local monuments, the Bayfront Amphitheater (currently in renovation) and the Tina Hills Pavilion- where free yoga takes place 3 times every week.

Green Mobility Network Host of the free Bike Valets, the non-profit GMN uses education and information to promote bicycling, running and walking for daily transportation, leisure and fitness. Drop by and say hello at Mary Brickell Village.

Everglades Bicycle Club The area’s largest bicycle club is teamed up with Bike Miami for their Annual Holiday Toy Drive! They help promote our event and everything cycling in South Florida.

Sun Cycling One of Greater Miami’s top bike shops, Sun Cycling bicycle technicians donate their time and expertise with helmet fittings, bike-related questions, filling tires and more at local events. They also offer rides throughout the month around Hialeah/Miami Springs.

Miami Dade Bicycle Pedestrian Program is your first source of information on county bicycling programs, traffic laws and statistics, and the Miami-Dade Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Commitee.

Mary Brickell Village.

Downtown Miami Partnership (DMP) is your source for news on urban planning, alternative transportation and sustainable growth issues that affect everyone in South Florida. (Miami’s first online social network) is all about the Downtown Miami urban community and provides a single source for events, news and more. Check it out. Great Bike Miami Days photos.

Imagine Miami is a “civic network” of people who care about Miam-Dade and want to help make it a better place to live. Their website is a great plaec to connect with the people and events, the tools and training, and the support and advice you need to really make a difference in this community.

Miami’s Critical Mass (Meetup)We are Traffic” Meet other people who are enthusiastic about the mass-cycle event that shows that cycling in your city can be fun, safe and better than polluting with cars! Help To Promote Bicycle Awareness & Safety and have a great ride every Second Saturday.

RUN Miami / PR Racing is the source for running in South Florida. Run Miami’s mission is to further unify the great community of runners through events including the ING Marathon.

Miami Beach Bicycle Center Not just an excellent bike shop, Jack and Danny are strong supporters of cycling in the Beach and host a free Community Bike Ride every second Saturday.

Emerge Miami is a community activist organization that provides a foundation for social interaction and information exchange throughout South Florida. They meet at the Wallflower Gallery every Tuesday night and organize weekly and monthly rides.

BuddyBike The Buddy Bike is a revolutionary bicycle for two that steers from the rear and introduces a whole new level of (safer) cycling fun for you and your child.

The Zimmerman MS Bike Ride An unforgettable ride. An unbeatable destination. A world free of MS.

ProtecUSA – a local green business

Julio’s Natural Foods, North Miami Beach

The Miami All Stars

Kirk Jewelers While we prefer to use reusable water bottles, the Bike Miami Days team would like to thank Kirk Jewelers for offering free, chilled water bottles to everyone who passed them along Flagler Street. Thank you!

The Miami River Commission: the watchdog, advocate and clearinghouse for the Miami River, where our friends, Garcia’s and Casablanca Seafood Bar, Grill & Fish Markets.

The American Cancer Society‘s CharityRunner program helps people interested in walking, running or cycling for a cure to cancer. provides a forum for all things bicycle-related.

Other Links:

Walk & Bike For Life is a Canadian-based non-profit organization with an international outlook, dedicated to improve awareness of the benefits of walking and cycling as activities and of urban parks and trails as great places, and their impact on creating healthier communities where its residents live happier.

The League of American Bicyclists The largest bicycle advocacy group in the country, “the League” has a clear, easy to navigate website loaded with tips, videos and information to help you ride better and safer.

The Florida Bicycle Association is every Floridian’s bicycling advocate and a friend to Bike Miami. Its mission is to inspire and support people and communities to enjoy greater freedom and well-being through bicycling, and their website is great resource for anyone interested in cycling in this state. and the Bikes Belong Foundation are lead sponsors of the League’s “Bicycle Friendly Communities” program. One goal of Mayor Diaz’s Bicycle Action Plan is to build the infrastructure and promote the safety measures necessary to designate the City of Miami as a complete, bicycle-friendly community.

The Google Maps ‘Bike There’ Petition & Blog is an international movement calling for a Bike-Friendly trip planner option through Google Maps. It is also a blog and website with online resources galore for the livable streets enthusiast. has more links to bicycle-related content than almost anyone on their site.



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