Photo Album

BMD Collage

There’s no party in Miami quite like it – and each time is a little different – but you can get a taste of what Bike Miami Days is all about through these videos, submitted by friends and fans of this ‘flash’ community gathering.


Enjoying Bike Miami Days by Bicycle & Public Transit

GreenRoks makes eco-friendly t-shirts and BMD videos! crew made a very cool PSA

TRIKKE (Bike) Miami Days

The first Rally (it’s a BMD tradition) made a video diary from January’s event

The City of Miami Communications Department made a PSA for one last year.


Some early photos, collected by V. Streber and City Photographers

Facebook Fan Photo Albums


BMD Collage

Dance Off

Volunteers Are Easy To Find
Volunteers Are Easy To Find

Group Shot at BMD 3

Families come out for BMD 12-14-08




3 responses to “Photo Album

  1. This is where I discovered PrayerDanSe!!!

    Thanks so much!!!

  2. Nice, can’t wait to see this year’s pictures 🙂

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